Monday, December 10, 2007

Do you know the way to Taipei?

Uncle Robert just left this morning, and after a long and boring day of training at headquarters, I can tell you about our weekend.

I picked him up from a practically deserted airport on Saturday afternoon, and after getting him unpacked in Linko, we headed into Taipei to visit the notorious snake alley. We met a friend of mine in the station, and she helped us around the city. Unfortunately none of us knew what to do or where to go, and so after visiting the snake merchants (and not being too impressed) we went looking for something to eat. After wandering for a while, we found ourselves at SOGO department store, eating a pretty good Taiwanese dinner.

We met some other English teachers at a bar, and came home at a reasonable hour. The next day we went to Beitou, an area of the city renown for its hot springs. We took a few hours and soaked in the hot sulfur water before coming back to Linkou. Luke and I had our Chinese lesson, and we went for a teppanyaki dinner. No photos just yet, but here are some videos on YouTube that other people made that are pretty close to what we did.

MRT (the description says an earthquake happens during the clip):

SOGO has women in the elevator to push the buttons for you. Classsssssy.:

Beitou hot springs (Hell Valley):


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