Wednesday, March 18, 2009

McCain interviewed on Twitter.

I wrote not too long ago asking if anyone reading this page twittered or not. It's ever increasing popularity is a bit baffling, since 99% of tweets (messages sent via Twitter) are pretty much random thoughts or blurbs written by the author with no real recipient in mind. Occasioanlly this service will be used by celebrities to communicate directly with their fans, companies to promote their product or service, or as a means of localized, real time blogging (as can bee seen in the recent flood of tweets produced by over-connected nerds at South by Southwest.)

McCain is a mine sweeping wizard.

Politicians also have their own Twitter accounts. @SenJohnMcCain has 230,000 followers. McCain was recently interviewed by ABC's George Stephanopoulos (@GStephanopoulos) You can look at the transcript on ABC's blog.

The questions weren't that tough, and there were typos and grammar mistakes on both sides, but then again, the fast pace and 140 character limit of the medium don't make it very viable for traditional forms of journalism.

I'm not sure what kind of future there will be in Twitter based journalism, especially with such high profile participants as these two, but it's kind of an interesting experiment, and it makes McCain look a bit less like an old fuddy duddy (only a bit.)

I twitter occasionally, although I don't know why. Follow me if you want @joewyszynski.

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Graffiti Animation

I saw this today on, and I thought it was pretty cool. This artist, Blu, created an animation the way any animator would-- by drawing and photographing thousands of still images and then playing the images back at a high speed to give the drawings a sense of movement. But he chose to scrap the pencil and paper in favor of spray cans and an urban canvas of walls, streets, and occasionally ceilings.

MUTO is pretty trippy, but it's amazing to watch if you consider all that the artist must've gone through to make it.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Phone Photos 2

It's still rainy and cold here, and I've got no life, so I'll post more photos from my phone.

This is a new model from Taiwanese auto manufacturers. The idea behind the design is that thieves will be too embarassed to ever steal your car. It gets great milage too, since it can be fueled by a mixture of petroleum and aphids.

Happy birthday! Here's your tapeworm cake!

This caption practically writes itself, so I won't bother.


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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Phone Photos 1

I take a lot of photos on my cell phone (Sony Ericsson K550i) when I'm out and about and I don't have my "real" camera on me. I just finally got around to pairing the phone's Bluetooth with my laptop, so now I've got a whole folder full of pictures spanning the last year and a half. Some are funny things that I've seen and had to shoot, others are things on signs or computer screens that I took a photo of in order to remember it when a pen wasn't handy. I'll start to post the best or most unusual up a few at a time.

I just took this one a couple hours ago. This is Hotel One in Taichung, and it's a few blocks away from my house. As you can see, it's a nasty day today.

I see a lot of strange things while driving my scooter around. This woman owns a Husky, a dog that has no business in hot, humid Taiwan, and she shuttles it around on a tiny scooter.

This man has a lot of meat. He needs to move it across town. He does not have a car, he has a filthy scooter.

Fuck. Me too.

More later.

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