Saturday, March 7, 2009

Phone Photos 1

I take a lot of photos on my cell phone (Sony Ericsson K550i) when I'm out and about and I don't have my "real" camera on me. I just finally got around to pairing the phone's Bluetooth with my laptop, so now I've got a whole folder full of pictures spanning the last year and a half. Some are funny things that I've seen and had to shoot, others are things on signs or computer screens that I took a photo of in order to remember it when a pen wasn't handy. I'll start to post the best or most unusual up a few at a time.

I just took this one a couple hours ago. This is Hotel One in Taichung, and it's a few blocks away from my house. As you can see, it's a nasty day today.

I see a lot of strange things while driving my scooter around. This woman owns a Husky, a dog that has no business in hot, humid Taiwan, and she shuttles it around on a tiny scooter.

This man has a lot of meat. He needs to move it across town. He does not have a car, he has a filthy scooter.

Fuck. Me too.

More later.

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Anonymous PROYECTO said...

Beautiful pictures

July 19, 2011 at 4:05 AM  

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