Saturday, October 6, 2007

Developing Story: The Apartment Fire

Luke and I finished off an average Friday at work, went shopping at Carrefour with our head English teacher, Christina, and shortly after returning home, had to evacuate the building because of a thick, acrid smoke that began creeping up the stairwell and into our apartment. The alarms went off, and we grabbed Jasper (our new feline roommate) and left the apartment.

Downstairs, in the lobby, there was pandemonium. Residents all brought their families and toy dogs down from their smoky domiciles and congregated in the one fresh sanctum of our entire community. It was kind of cool at first, seeing everyone in their night attire, everyone confused but happy that it wasn't their stuff on fire. We said hi to a couple of our neighbors and just chilled out in the lobby.

Then the firemen and police came in and started asking people questions, and everyone got restless, and I really just wanted to go back upstairs. After talking to Kevin, a guy who lives in the building who speaks good English (and who may be the resident's board president or something) I learned that a car in the B2 parking lot had caught fire. Lame. So I have to stand in the crowded lobby for an hour because someone's beater of a car couldn't even stand stationary without bursting into flames.

Add to this the fact that we're due in for a super-typhoon this weekend that will surely block any chance of having fun and you've got all the ingredients for a restless weekend at home.


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