Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Almost a Teacher

We are on our last day of TEFL training, and Luke and I will be heading out to Linko to meet our coworkers at our branch. Training has been interesting, sometimes boring, but often fun, as we've met a lot of cool people from other English speaking countries. Still, I find myself feeling like I don't really know anything about Taiwan or its people. We've been a kind of social bubble of sorts the past week and a half, as we have been staying in a hotel, living and working, and going out with other English speakers. Even though we may be from opposite corners of the world (North America, UK, South Africa, Oceania) we have a lot in common with our language, traditions, and culture.

It will be a total immersion experience after tomorrow. Luke and I will be living on our own, in an apartment building with hundreds of locals. We will be 2/5 of the English speaking staff at our branch. We will ave to learn how o eat, converse, get transportation, and live our daily lives without the crutch of easy communication. I think I'm up to it, and I look forward to seeing more of this island, which will be my home for the next year or more.


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